The world must be coming to an end, I’m talking dogs and cats living together. I’m starting to believe that Brown might actually pull off the biggest upset in electoral history. NRO is reporting that Coakley’s own internal polling is showing a bare 2 point lead, which is clearly in the margin of error.

Coakley’s internal poll last night, I’ve been told, showed her barely ahead, 46 to 44 percent. The momentum clearly favors Brown, and one very smart Massachusetts Democrat I know told me this morning that “this may be too far gone to recover.” So I was wrong: Brown may actually win.

Gotta love hearing a Democrat saying “this may be to far gone to recover.” With that said, we should probably take this with a grain of salt, but obviously this isn’t the cake walk that Coakley was expecting, after all she’s a Democrat thus entitled to that seat.

Just how desperate is the Coakley campaign? Check this act of desperation. Apparently the Coakley folks sent out a press release that referred to some Huffington Post “hit piece” that dug up some alleged dirt from Scott Brown’s life.

The Coakley campaign just sent out a press release pushing this HuffPo hit piece on Scott Brown. They’ve dug up some real dirt on this supposedly “regular guy” candidate. Did you know he “owns five properties”?

Brown owns three rental units in the college neighborhood of Brighton, and the Coakley campaign is trumpeting the fact that “Brown’s 2008 SFI reports . . . a net income derived from [one of these units] of $1,001 to $5,000.” Obviously, Brown doesn’t need some crummy senate job with an income like that!

Then there’s this stunner: Scott Brown, who pretends to be a modest, typical Massachusetts resident, owns a time share in Aruba. That’s right: A time share. The Coakley e-mail reports the value of this Aruban paradise as “valued at $10,001 to $20,000.”

Ouch, that’s gotta hurt, can you imagine some guy actually earning an income and owning a share-time at the same time, stupid Wall Street fat cats. /sarc

Just think on this, Coakley’s lead has gone from 65% to 45% in a matter of about 10 days, that is what I call cratering. Politics is funny in this way, perception oftentimes is reality. If the voters perceive Brown as the “cool” choice, or if Coakley is seen as a real bad candidate (and she has made so many errors it’s not even funny) then this has two effects that are helpful to Brown. First, the leaners and independents will take a second look at Brown and likely will break for him by a decent margin. Second, the Democrats may be too depressed or annoyed with this woman to even come out to vote while the GOP is all fired up and they come in droves. This would be the best case scenario and could possibly lead to the Rudy moment of politics.

So, here’s to wishing and hoping.