The Haiti earthquake was a 7.0 quake that hit the island nation about 5 p.m. on Tuesday, January 12, 2010. As is always the case in these types of disasters, American aid and generous donations to support relief efforts is front, center and enormous.

We’ve learned a lot about Haiti as a result of the focus on that lawless land. The third-world conditions of a country that has struggled under corrupt leadership for something around 200 years. The billions of dollars of aid given to Haiti by the United States and other countries yearly seems to not get to the people as is evidenced by the lack of education, lack of employment and horrific living conditions in which the vast majority of Haitians live. The ineffective and virtually absent infrastructure, absence of building codes and lawlessness has left the entire country completely devastated in the wake of this disaster. As a comparison, a 6.5 earthquake hit Northern California just a couple of days earlier with little damage or injuries.

Even with that, we know that Americans will come to their assistance in this emergency situation. Many people are concerned about whether or not any assistance they give will get to the people in need as opposed to being thrown into the bottomless pit where previous aid has gone. To that end, websites like Fox News and Right Juris are providing information about how to help and lists of legitimate organizations that can be relied on to use our donations responsibly and get it where it is needed. In addition, Right Pundits will be sending our usual charitable donations to the American Red Cross for Haiti earthquake relief. Every neighborhood, every website, just about every one is finding a way to help.

Something between 40,000 and 45,000 Americans were already in Haiti when the earthquake hit. Most of them missionaries, their to attempt to relieve the suffering of the populace. Only a couple hundred of those have been evacuated from the island since the earthquake. More Americans are on their way there to help. The American Red Cross, the Salvation Army, Church groups, civic organizations and the United States Armed Forces are on their way with aid, assistance and ready to help build a system for getting aid to the people, perform search and rescue missions as well as search and recovery missions. No less than seven U.S. Naval ships are en route to Haiti to provide assistance. These organizations are having to be fully self-contained as there aren’t any resources available in Haiti. They are taking cadaver-dogs, heavy equipment, tools, medical supplies and whatever else is needed to get some organization to the chaos that is Haiti.

The United States really is an exceptional country and the outpouring of aid and care from the American people is once again on display, even counted on by the rest of the world. Our Armed Forces are making us proud and will hopefully get some of the credit they deserve for the humanitarian services they provide throughout the world. Their work is remarkable.

The American people in general, and our military men and women in particular, really ARE the good guys.

I doubt anyone will say ‘thank you’ to the ‘big satan’, the world takes it for granted. They expect it, even demand it. People know, in spite of their criticism, that the United States will come to their aid and do it quickly and generously.

One thing though. Do we donate too much of our time and treasure? Does American aid enable people more than help them in a situation such as the Haiti earthquake relief effort. Where is the balance between giving a leg up and keeping people down by never expecting them to stand on their own?

Haiti Earthquake Video Report