Former U.N. Chief Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter arrested once again for child endangerment and being quite frankly an alleged pervert. Ritter allegedly contacted a 15 year old girl named “Emily” who just happened to be an undercover cop. Police say that Ritter engaged in how should we say, self gratification, online for his 15 year old audience. Too bad for him she turned out to be a Barrett Township Police officer.

Scott Ritter was a vocal opponent of the Bush Administration’s policies towards Saddam Hussein and Iraq. Of course Ritter says the charges are some sort of payback for his outspoken criticism of the Bush Administration policies; a likely story.

Ritter was caught up in a very similar incident in 2001, this time involving a 14 year old girl; he was not charged in that instance. Scott Ritter’s arrest this time may have sealed his fate. It seems unlikely that he’ll get off (no pun intended) so easy this time, given the fact that police say he was caught on camera masturbating.

Delmarm4fun, also known as Scott Ritter former Chief Weapons Inspector for the United Nations, met with “Emily” in a chat room on Yahoo instant messenger. Despite telling him she was 15 years old, old delmarm4fun proceeded to disclose that he was a 44 year old male from Albany, NY. You can read the sworn affidavit here.

The officer says that Ritter not only continued to “please himself” on camera, but he provided a cell phone number where “Emily” could call Delmarm4fun. Much to Ritter’s surprise he got a call from a man who told him he was Detective Ryan Venneman of the Barrett Township Police. What a bummer for old Delmarm4fun. Needless to say what followed was Scott Ritter’s arrest.

The online conversation between “Emily” and Delmarm4fun allegedly took place in February of 2009. Scott Ritter’s arrest took another year as police continued their investigation. Ritter was also charged in June of 2001 for trying to meet a 16 year old girl at a local Burger King whom he had met online. The case was later dismissed.