Now we’ve heard everything. The Obama musical opens in Germany and your faithful reporter is on top of the story with an early review. Read all about it and see the video here as we contemplate where the arts and politics should never meet.

Obama musical

This is a Right Pundits open talk thread where you can discuss this topic or any other of your choosing. Please note that the name of the stage production is surprisingly not “Jesus Christ, Superstar.”

“Hope – the Obama Musical Story” plays in Frankfurt this weekend. It stars 30 wide-eyed young dreamers as cast members, who sing and dance their way through the 2008 election.

Highlights include a beautiful rendition of “Am I a Man?” sung by Barack Obama to his wife Michelle in a very tender moment between the big action scenes. Sarah Palin is on fire of course, singing a rock version of “Will You Ever Shut Up?” to a smiling Joe Biden character who rambles in falsetto, while John McCain sings a popular Navy song of conquest and glory during the recession.

The Obama musical is produced and written by two obsessed Obama followers named Roberto Emmanuele and Randall Hitchins, respectively. Artistic inspiration came from the election campaign with all it’s beauty and symbolism. Says Hitchins, “All the people were hoping for a change for a better life and there was such a great, collective emotion.”

Our music critic did not receive the promised preview invitation in the mail which is too bad. Now we have to shell out $60 for an ideal seat far from the noise or over $200 for orchestra section close to the actors where earplugs will be provided by ushers.

Based on all the emails from readers cluttering my box, interest in Obama musicals among conservatives falls somewhere between the recession and the 2010 election, but slightly lower than interest in Sarah Palin. You will thus all remember the other two Obama musicals staged overseas this past year. The dreamily titled “Obama On My Mind” thrilled audiences in England while “Obama: The Musical” was a smashing success in Obama’s native Kenya.

Applause goes to the reader who comes up with the best dialog from “Hope – the Obama Musical Story”. Or tell us your thoughts on the Obama musical video which we proudly present herewith below.