Brown Ahead in All Final MA Polls. Coakley Fading. Has Brown Won Already?

Here are the latest Massachusetts Senate polls for the election between Democrat Martha Coakley and Republican Scott Brown. With the exception of the Daily KOS poll outlier, Brown assumes to be surging further ahead. Read the latest news about the MA special election which will be held on January 19th, 2010.

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The pre-election MA Senate polls have certainly been heating up in the wild and woolly Brown – Coakley race as the eastern seaboard continues to fight freezing temperatures. Both candidates are breathing fire in a showdown that has the national spotlight as a bellwether special election that may be a precursor to the general election later in November.

Speaking of woolly, did anyone see Scott Brown’s photo from Cosmopolitan magazine? His centerfold has the ladies aflutter and the men jealous. All is fair in love and politics, so when you strip for the cameras expect to see yourself later when the opposition has nothing more to say.

The closeness of this election has Democrats very nervous to the point of calling in Barack Obama himself who will stage a makeshift rally over the weekend. Martha Coakley’s support is collapsing through a combination of the dreadful health care reform chaos and her own inept campaign. On Thursday she suggest that Catholic voters, 30% of the population in Massachusetts and mostly Democrat voters, should not work in hospitals because of their moral beliefs.

That Scott Brown could be even or even beating Martha Coakley is dumbfounding political operatives in both parties and exciting the political pundits. Just a month ago she was considered a shoe-in for what is being referred to egotistically in Democratic circles as the Ted Kennedy Seat.

Brown challenged that idea directly in the last Coakley – Brown debate by saying it is “not the Ted Kennedy seat. It is the People’s seat.” That great line was said softly so those who watch the video (below) are somewhat underwhelmed, but it sure makes a powerful newspaper headline that makes Scott Brown sound like Reagan.

Who won the Massachusetts Senate election will be known shortly, in fact it will be known on this website first. Right Pundits will carry the results live and we will be live-blogging on election day. We will have the Massachusetts exit polls as well.

Meanwhile back to these crazy, teasing MA polls. The latest surveys are all over the map, with some showing the race neck and neck but some recent polls showing that Brown is surging ahead of the Democrat. Stop the presses! A GOP victory in Massachusetts would be a political earthquake of historic proportions.

We will update the MA polls daily as they are released to the media by the polling firms. Do not forget MA exit polls on Tuesday in our live thread.

Senate Polls, Massachusetts, Updated Daily

1/18/10 Politico – Insider Advantage Coakley 43 – Brown 52

1/18/10 ARG Coakley 45 – Brown 52

1/18/10 PJM Coakley 42 – Brown 52

1/18/10 Daily KOS Coakley 48 – Brown 48

1/17/10 InsideMedford-MRG Coakley 41 – Brown 51

1/17/10 PPP Coakley 46 – Brown 51

1/16/10 ARG Coakley 45 – Brown 48

1/15/10 PJM/CrossTarget Coakley 39 – Brown 54

1/14/10 Suffolk University Coakley 46 – Brown 50

1/14/10 R2000 Coakley 49 – Brown 41

1/12/10 Rasmussen Coakley 49 – Brown 47

1/10/10 PPP Coakley 47 – Brown 48

1/10/10 Boston Globe Coakley 53 – Brown 36

Here is a video about the race while we await for more polls from the Senate race in Massachusetts. May the best man win.

Video: Coakley, Brown Race