James Cameron’s Avatar has made over a billion dollars worldwide, it is said to have dramatic and spectacular special effects, it has even been called the Star Wars of this generation. With all of that said, is there an Avatar bias against our military? In the words of a Chicago Veteran: “Avatar makes Marines look like lunatics.”

james cameron

Chicago Alderman James Balcer says that Avatar is anti-military and anti-American. For full disclosure, I’d like to go on record and let you know I haven’t seen the movie yet. I’m still debating whether or not to see it. Not because I’m debating the merits of boycotting Avatar, I have no problem separating Hollywood make-believe from reality, I just don’t go to the movies a lot and I like to pick and choose when and where I spend $30 bucks for a movie. I can just as well wait for the DVD.

But this Veteran in Chicago, along with many others say that Avatar has a deeply anti-military slant to it. In the movie, a group of mercenary soldiers led by a Marine lunatic invade a peaceful planet to steal its precious resources. Sound familiar? It should. It’s the exact same argument used against us by the left when we invaded Iraq in 2003. Liberals said we were just a band of killers invading a peaceful country to steal oil.

As another veteran points out on the blog Big Hollywood, if this is make believe, why couldn’t the military force who invade be from another planet? Why did the creator of Avatar make the Marines look like lunatics? There’s a fine line between the fantasy of Hollywood and reality. Most movies have some sort of life message based on the filmmakers particular world view, and that’s fine. But when you start sticking it to the military you’ve crossed a totally separate line that in some ways is unforgivable.

Is Hollywood slanted to the left? Of course. Do movies have a lefty message that they try to instill in the minds of unsuspecting dopes? Sure. Will it always be this way? Probably, as long as the sun rises in the east; in other words, it’s not a shocker that Avatar would be anti-military or anti-American.

As someone who deeply respects what our veterans have given us and continue to give us, I’ll listen when a veteran speaks. If it’s said by a veteran: Avatar makes Marines look like lunatics, then there may be something to it.

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