That crazy royal family at it again. See the official royal portrait of Prince Harry & William just unveiled by the top secret monarchy in Buckingham Palace. Tell us what you think of the dapper pair’s picture in the comments.

portrait prince harry william

The portrait is an oil painting which depicts the princes in their military uniforms decorated to the hilt with ribbons and medals that come from family privilege rather than merit. It was revealed to the public at the British National Portrait Gallery in December, 2009. It shows Harry and William near a library at Clarence House, which is Charles’ formal residence. He stands to inherit the throne from his aging mother, Queen Elizabeth, although a less deserving King has never been known. There are rumors abound that the Queen wants to bypass him in favor of Prince William.

We fought a Revolutionary War so that Americans would never defer to royalty again. Barack Obama was schooled in Indonesia and therefore missed the crucial history lessons of our American experience. That is what all the fuss is about when you hear him roundly criticized for bowing to the Emperor of Japan, King of Saudi Arabia, and monarchs everywhere he goes. In their cultures that is a sign that you are inferior, which is not something that goes over well with the American people. Deferring to royalty is the antithesis of what we are about as a culture.

We view the British royal family now with mostly amusement and curiosity. We do realize that they are merely for show in the British government, finally left powerless by centuries of power stripping, as merry old England made a peaceful transition to emulate her former colony’s democratic form of government. Nonetheless it is still newsworthy here when Prince Harry goes to Afghanistan, Prince William gets drunk, or in this case the official portrait of Prince Harry and William is revealed.

But in Britain they still have reverence for what most Americans consider a silly institution. Just watch the video below to capture the mood of royal portraits. Interestingly the princes are painted together in one picture rather than two pictures. The artist is a woman named Nicky Philipps which is a break from tradition in the monarchy’s famously old boy network when it comes to commissioned art. They are wearing Cavalry uniforms looking playfully at each other as the playboys often do between parties.

The royal heirs have reportedly viewed the splendid depictions and declared the artwork a success. What young man would not like to be presented in such an over-the-top, ingratiating manner? We leave it to the readers to judge their worthiness for such a gratuity on canvass so now tell us what you think of the portrait of Prince Harry and William.