Did you know the US Government has a blog? You got to see this one. The tax-payer’s money is being wasted big time. I will let you judge by yourself. Meet Blog.USA.gov and let’s see how the Obama’s government blog covered the Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab’s terrorist attack on Christmas.

Here is the timeline of the posts on Blog.USA.gov around Christmas:
December 25, Ginger: Holiday Greetings
December 28, Jake: Home Buyer Tax Credit Extended
December 29, Joanne: Airport Security Update.

The post contains the one and only mention of the Christmas Terrorist Attack and this is exactly how the Government blogger breaks it to the American public:

Surely you heard the news last week that a person on board a flight to Detroit set off a device on the plane. Thanks to the heroic actions of the crew and passengers, he was subdued and the plane landed safely. That’s what I call saving Christmas.

That’s all the government blogger decided to share with us. Is that serious?

Yes, Joanne, we did hear the news. We heard them on 25th, on 26th, on 27th, on 28th. We follow the news. Did the US Government Blog learned about a terrorist attack on our homeland four days after it happen from the news?!?

We did hear the person’s name was Umar Abdul Mutallab and the device was a bomb in his underwear. Did the Government Blog hear the news that Al-Qaida accepted responsibility for the attack?

Did the Blog.USA.gov hear in the news that nearly 300 people almost got killed because of a system failure of the US Government – the same bureaucracy your blog is supposed to represent.

Looks like you have no clue. Instead you write about Jess’s weight loss and Colleen’s dislike of airport food. Who the blank are Jess and Coleen?
Wait! There are pictures of Jess and Coleen – authors at Blog.USA.gov

jess and colleen

Did the US Government blog hear in the news that unemployment is 10%?
Doesn’t seem like it. Instead we are reading about Ginger’s 2010 resolution:

I resolve to help my fellow man, every day. In big ways and in small, I will lend a hand, not only to my loved ones, but to strangers on the streets. My mantra for 2010 will be, “How can I help you?”

Here is an idea, Ginger! You can write about something that people of the USA actually care. You know – like economy, jobs and national security! How about you write about who made the Blog.USA.gov, how much tax-payer dollars were spent on its creation and maintenance. And when you are done with the post would you please erase the whole thing, because it is an insult to the American people and turn off the lights on your way out.