Blatantly stolen item from Drudge department – the US had the third most negative image according to the BBC while Canada had the most positive. There is one catch, you have to like frost bite. And other random thoughts of the day.

Actually, I have had the pleasure of spending a lot of time in Canada recently. It is a really cool place despite their fascination with Al Gore. Canada is almost 3 separate countries, the French Quebec faction, the Americanized Ontario and the free wheeling cowboy version that exists in western Canada, especially Calgary. The people are friendly and even the French in Quebec prefer Americans to non-French Canadians. Vancouver, in British Columbia is one of top three cities that I have ever visited. Ultra modern but with a small town feel at the same time.

Now the Cory who posts on Wissing’s Hedgehog Report can celebrate.

Predictably, the main stream media took great joy last night in Libby’s conviction. Maybe he will get the cell next to Berger. What? Nevermind. I already covered this yesterday anyway.

So Hilliary speaks in a southern twang down south. Hmm..reminds me of someone. I just can’t put my finger on it.

Has anyone noticed all of the “global warming is bunk” articles that are being published all of a sudden? Finally, sanity to the rescue.

The Walter Reed story is not new. I emailed the White House 2 years ago expressing my dissatisfaction with the conditions at the VA hospitals. This was after reading several articles on the subject. It is unacceptable that the Bush administration did not make sure that our brave young men and women receive the best quality treatment in the finest facilities available. It is indeed a sad state of affairs if we can not all agree on this issue.

So Newt Gingrich is not a big fan of McCains. I am not either. I am a huge fan of Newt but I know he is not electable. Not for nothing, but he was very critical early on concerning the Bush administration’s handling of the aftermath of the Iraqi war.

Evangeline Lilly is annoying on LOST but she is hot. The evidence is below.

I miss Roller Derby. I am talking about the old school stuff with Judy Arnold and Jim Trotter from the Philadelphia Warriors.

Speaking of Philadelphia, whoever thought it was a good idea to hire Gary Matthews as an analyst for the Phillies must be either stupid, incompetent or both. It was painful to listen to him. Does anyone from the Phillies organization believe in audition tapes?

I want to see Al Gore jump into the race. That will pretty much guarantee that chaos will reign in the Democratic party which only helps Rudy Giuliani fulfill his destiny.

Whatever happened to the Nanny from Nanny and The Professor?