As if Americans had nothing more to lose but the shirts off their backs, nudity ran amok this week from coast to coast. Read about the naked jogger at the White House on Wednesday, and reflect upon the streaker at the BCS Championship game in Los Angeles on Thursday. See the video and then tell us what this all means in the comments as the country enters it’s fourth quarter of the Obama recession.

jogger streaker

Let us first start with the BCS game in which a jogger streaked across the field during the 3rd quarter of the Texas Alabama game on January 8th. Although the moment was not shared on camera by the network censors, it surely was caught in a still photograph for a video tape on YouTube. You can see that desperate moment below, one man’s perilous journey in difficult financial times. If only Texas had given him a scholarship the outcome of the BCS championship might have been different. On the other hand if only Obama had focused our precious resources on the economy, the man might not be spending the night in the country jail. C’est la vie.

Back the tape up to Wednesday evening 3,000 miles away from the hoopla of college football, and we see a similar incident playing out in Washington DC. In this case a naked jogger streaked by the White House as Obama took in the afternoon newspaper. He was tackled by Secret Service agents and whisked away to an undisclosed location which undoubtedly includes padded walls. The bomb squad even investigated the bag he left on the sidewalk before dashing to immortality, which to everyone’s surprise contained only clothing.

In the Rose Bowl incident, the masked streaker posed in a yellow Spiderman outfit of sorts on the 50 yard line for several seconds, dashed to and fro from sideline to sideline, and was eventually subdued by security at the game. Although he is being hailed officially as a streaker, our prurient eye detects something less interesting. By gosh he has underwear on (or are those black and yellow tights?) so our readers will agree this fellow should not make the record books officially as a streaker.

But a legitimately naked jogger really did swing by the White House on January 7th. They say he ran up and down the sidewalk for a full minute before the White House security apparatus decided they had seen enough. Thank goodness he did not try to crash a White House party or all bets would be off.

What is the country coming to in 2010? They say that incompetent leadership led to Roman decadence and her eventual fall from the annals of great powers. The story concludes that Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Tell us your thoughts in the comments as we contemplate naked joggers everywhere.

BCS Streaker (Video)