Comment winners for December 2009 are below. As feared we fell short of the 3,000 comments required to pay winnings. Boo hiss!

Pictured: Rhayader, Flying Monkey, Micky and LisaB at the Right Pundits New Year’s Eve Bash

That’s the way things go during a vacation month but I’m sure you will work doubly hard to make the grade in January. Hint: at the rate you are going so far, you will just barely make 3,000 comments in January so kick it up just to be safe.

On the upside we are able to make a $49 donation to Soldier’s Angels for your 2,462 comments in December at the going rate of 2-cents-per-comment, so all is not lost dear fans of Right Pundits.

Strategic planning has begun at Right Pundits starting with a secret meeting among our writers that went into the wee hours of the morning last night. One thing we have decided to do that will interest our regulars is to cover the 2010 elections like a blanket this year.

You will begin to see one post after another on all the key senate races and governor contests, posts which will be kept current with latest poll data and analysis throughout the year. Many thanks for Arribe and Frank for taking on this challenge, which will teach Frank not to miss a staff meeting. :)

Other than election coverage on steroids, we invite reader input into our 2010 strategic plan. What should we do that we are not doing already?

Here are the comment contest winners for December:

1st place – Micky – Congrats!
2nd place – LisaB – Congrats!
3rd place – Flying Monkey – Congrats!

Honorable Mention:
4th place – Brian
5th place – Rhayader
6th place – Ellie