In the blink of an eye a common sight at an airport had unusual consequences. One goodbye kiss and Newark Aiport shut down for hours. Read the story here and tell us what you think is going on at the TSA under the Obama administration.

kiss Newark airport

The incident occurred at Newark Liberty International Airport last week. A video exists which has been viewed by politicians such as Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey. Why the Obama administration will not release it is dumbfounding.

In it the man is shown bypassing a security checkpoint by essentially going through the wrong direction into the terminal. His female lover holds up the security rope so he can pass under more easily. They proceed to hold hands while walking all the way to the boarding area where they finally embrace in a long, passionate kiss very much like the photo above.

The man eventually exited the boarding area undetected. It is unclear how the breach was discovered but we do know that minutes later the entire terminal was shut down. Everyone was forced back into line where they went through the screening procedures again.

As usual the politicians are blaming the lowest paid worker. A TSA employee was suppose to be at the exit point they say, which is undoubtedly true. But who is supervising that person? How is the morale at TSA these days? And who is giving them direction? Who in the White House will take responsibility for one screw up after another at the Transportation Safety Administration?

With all the stimulus money in the world, and the obvious importance of national security to the American people, what is going on in Washington these days? Clearly accidents will happen when human beings are in charge of anything, but in the wake of the near plane bombing in December, one would think that a heightened sense of urgency is required among our political class. And yet they meet in secret at this very hour talking about a grand health care scheme that few people want and the American people are unwilling to afford.

As the old song goes, a kiss is just a kiss and Newark airport shuts down. Tell us what you think. We will post the kiss video when it is available, meanwhile you can see the breaking news report from when the incident occurred.