“I kind of like being President” – said Hillary Clinton famously while taking turn in presiding the UN Security Council.

It has been close to a year of her reign as US Secretary of State and while taking a look at the job she has done so far I will grant Hillary Clinton a wish and call her a President… of the Department of State.

Barack Obama appointed his special envoys to all major world disaster areas of foreign policy. So the President of the Department of State Hillary Clinton was left with covering in travel the rest of the world – sweet deal.

hillary clinton 1

Hillary Clinton traveled a lot this year and she is really good at this. I remember her at the time when I was a young woman on the Balkans and Hillary came to my country (there was no sniper fire). She was a beautiful First Lady and very inspiring. All American First Ladies are very fascinating. Folks around the world like them, because the First Ladies never order bombs or drones or sanctions on their countries. They just come and smile and hug kids.

There were some hick-ups in Hillary Clinton’s first year in office. Like the administration’s position on Honduras coup which drew world-wide criticism of America. 2009 Honduran constitutional crisis was sparked by an attempt by the former President of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya, to change the constitution in order to stay in power. Obama administration stood by the wannabe dictator. Hillary had to dance around the gaffe while facilitating a new election in the country.

Of course the biggest gaffe of Hillary Clinton’s first year in office was revoking the visa of Umar Abdul Mutallab two weeks after he failed to bomb an US airplane with his underwear on Christmas.

But all of you who like to make fun of Hillary Clinton better pause and look at her biggest success.

It has nothing to do with the foreign policy, but with the health care. The Senate health care bill is bearing a great resemblance to the Hillary Clinton’s health care plan during the democratic primaries in 2008. Remember the time when Hillary was saying: “Shame on you, Barack Obama!”

Then candidate Obama was promising hope and change and Hillary was talking about private exchanges that will give every American the chance to buy the same insurance the US Congressmen have and universal (mandatory) health insurance. US Senate came up with exactly the same solution as the Hillary Plan. Obama Care died with the public option. The Senate health care bill that has a chance to land on President’s desk in a few weeks is no longer Obama Care – it is the Hillary Care Second Edition Deluxe.

Who is laughing now? Hillary has a chance to transform one sixth of the US economy and Obama will take the blame for it. Very impressive!