Did Barack Obama lie about broadcasting healthcare negotiations on C-SPAN? Well the video below says he did. In his own words, at least eight times on the campaign trail Obama promised that healthcare negotiations would be open and honest, broadcast on C-SPAN. Now that he’s president, and healthcare reform isn’t as popular as he thought it would be, Obama is refusing to allow open and honest negotiations to take place on C-SPAN for the public to see.

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I suppose the idea of broadcasting healthcare negotiations on C-SPAN seemed like a good idea at the time. Before he was elected, everybody still loved him and thought he had their best interests at heart. Now after a year of contentious debate over several hot button issues, the last thing Obama and the democrats want is an actual open and honest debate on anything.

The video is huge, a smoking gun if you will. Obama in his own words talking about the process that he would guide, the open and fair debate about an issue that affects every American. C-SPAN is utilized by many to stay informed and watch closely what our elected officials are doing. Even for the most mundane things you could think of. But this is not mundane, this is extraordinary; this is 1/6 of the Nation’s economy, this is something that affects the youngest to the oldest among us. Healthcare is the key to controlling every other aspect of our lives. In short, it’s a big freaking deal.

Could it be that when Obama said he would broadcast healthcare negotiations on C-SPAN that he said so because he never thought he would be elected? That he made that promise thinking he would never have to keep it? Like Nancy Pelosi said, “Many things were said on the campaign trail.” True, Madame Speaker, very true. But this one is a biggie.

If the democrats and Obama ram healthcare down our throats with closed door secret negotiations it will be the mistake that he and they never recover from. Obama lying about healthcare negotiations being broadcast on C-SPAN is the ultimate campaign promise made just to get elected.

When he made the promise he wanted people to believe he was different. He wanted people to believe that he would allow them something they weren’t getting; access to their government.

If he follows through, if Obama lies about healthcare negotiations on C-SPAN it will be confirmation to many of us who knew he was nothing more than what he is. A socialist in disguise, trying desperately to remake America in his own image; the problem for Obama will then be those who truly believed in him, because he didn’t lie to us who knew, he lied to them that believed.

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