The First National Tea Party Convention will be hosted by The Tea Party Nation on February 4-6, 2010 at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel in Nashville, TN.

Sarah Palin will be the special key note speaker of the event.

Gaylord Opryland Hotel & Convention Center—the largest non-gaming facility in the continental United States—is known for providing luxurious accommodations and first-class entertainment. Around every corner the Tea Party delegates will experience the energy of Music City, award-winning cuisine; all while taking in nine acres of lush indoor gardens, a winding river and sparkling waterfalls.


Not too shabby a place to sip a cup of tea. Looks like the grass-roots movement will be put in a shiny casing of a traditional party political convention.

The organizers are stating the following about where the participants will come from:

This event is planned for our tea party movement people to have the most representation from across the nation by design. We want local tea party groups to select their best to meet with their peers from across the nation. The local tea parties themselves know who will best represent them, bring the best ideas, and have the most desire to move this process of organizing to the next level. Though this event is geared toward representatives of tea party groups, anyone who supports the tea party movement is welcome to attend.

The tickets for the convention start from $349.

Tea party movement is evolving into a political force after the polling of a likely voters showed that the tax-revolting crowd gets bigger number of the electorate then Democrats and Republicans each. Looks like both grand parties will have to court the Tea Party supporters because many of them are independents from the purple states.

Prominent Republicans including Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann and Tennessee Rep. Marsha Blackburn plan to speak at the convention. It will not be a breeze for the Republicans to get the Tea Party vote. They will have to work hard because the new political movement is angry with everything that smells like Washington, DC. And rightly so. And may be this is the reason why high profile incumbent politicians (mainly Democrats) will not run for re-election.

Creation of a third party is not going to be in the agenda of the Tea Party National Convention in Nashville, Tennessee according to the organizers, but you never know. So far the new force has been driven by spontaneity. It is possible the grass-roots delegates who were sent there by groups of friends dipping in their own pocket to collect dollar by dollar the fees to be represented on the Convention will take the movement in a surprising direction. The organizers will have to find the right tone to communicate will the passionate folks that a getting stronger by day rocking the political establishment.

Will the Tea Party Convention be about party, new party or no party? We can’t wait to see.