We hear that the Beyonce New Year’s eve party was rocking, particularly if you are Libyan dictator Moammar Khadafy’s son. See the video here and tell us your thoughts. The American pop singer performed at a private party for Hannibal Kadafi who paid her a cool $2 million in blood money for five songs in a private gig.

Beyonce New Year

It was only one year ago that Beyonce performed the first dance at Obama’s inauguration in an event that is suppose to celebrate America’s peaceful power transfer. The president hand selected her while trumpeting Beyonce as one of his favorite female singers, as well she should have been at the time. Beyonce is arguably the most talented American female vocalist alive today.

But will Obama denounce Beyonce now for one of the most gross errors of judgment in music history? She does not need the work. She has enough $2 millions already. The idea that she would pocket chump change from a terrorist family is astounding and calls into question her connections with Obama himself.

Moammar Kadafi admitted to masterminding the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103, which landed in bits and pieces over Lockerbie, Scotland. He murdered 270 people including passengers, crew, and pedestrians on the ground. Not only that but the incident eventually led to Pan Am’s bankruptcy which wounded millions of low-income pensioners and stockholders.

The Beyonce New Year’s eve event occurred at the Nikki Beach in St. Barth’s, which is an island paradise in the Caribbean Sea. Why it would appeal to those running with Beyonce and Obama’s crowd is obvious upon a trip to their website. The club bills itself as “one of the smallest, most exclusive, and perhaps the most infamous, property in the international lifestyle chain” where the “champagne bar serves French fusion and sushi in an ultra-hip setting.” Foie gras anyone?

The problem is that the party attended by America’s presidential singer was a private gig by a terrorist family. The PR is so bad that even the brothers are pointing fingers at each other. Obama needs to speak up about this incident and distance himself from the pop singer. And that is too bad, because she is an amazing talent who has significantly embarrassed her country and her president with this lapse in judgment. Now do the right thing, Obama.

Video: Beyonce New Year’s Eve Concert for Kadafi

Video: Beyonce Inauguration Dance for Obama