Obama administration’s new rules at the airports will apply to travelers from Afghanistan, Algeria, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen. Passengers possessing passports from the blacklisted countries and travelers coming from these locations will have to be fully patted down, full body scanned and their luggage hand checked.

Surprise! What were we doing until this moment with those from Iraq and Afghanistan? Serving them coffee in the green zone past NATO military posts? It is a common sense to check more thoroughly folks from the countries where we are running wars, is it not?

Muammar Gaddafi was so shaken by the news that Libya is on the list that not a drape of the curtain he was wearing moved. He was hosting a giant military parade in Tripoli. Next to Gaddaffi was the President of Yemen (on the list) Saleh and the President of Venezuela (still not on the list) Chavez. The participants in this global military parade make a wonderful list the US intelligence should take a look at.

Cuba, Iran, Sudan and Syria are countries that America considers to be “state sponsors of terrorism” so they are first to join the wall of shame. Cuba’s communist party newspaper Granma blasted the measures as “anti-terrorist paranoia.” At the end, those who dream to reach Florida probably wouldn’t mind some patting down on their way out of Cuba.

It is not clear why Jordan is not on the blacklist. The suicidal double agent who killed 8 CIA agents in Afghanistan was recruited there.

Yemen and Syria are long timers on the high concern list. The Underpants Christmas Airplane Bomber fireworks were the tipping point and the world prompted Yemen to clean their act.

Nigeria described their black-listing as an “unfair” knee-jerk reaction to the fact that Umar Abdulmutallab, the man arrested for the failed Christmas Day bombing, was one of its citizens.

Really? The father of the alleged terrorist reported him to the Nigerian Intelligence Agency and yet his son was able to pass through the Lagos airport with explosives in his possession. The country is famous with lax airport security which enables drug traffic.

Nice surprise is to see Pakistan and Saudi Arabia on the list. Just few months ago President Obama was bowing to the Saudi King. Today the Kingdom is publicly humiliated. Next time an American bows to a Saudi will be while patting him down. Ouch! Pakistan should not take offence. It is not personal – just a reality check. Al Qaida is still hiding in the north regions of the country and Osama bin Laden is still on the FBI most wanted list.

The airport blacklist is an odd beginning of a time when Obama will call the naughty by name. It may not stop the next bomber, but it is refreshing.

It really doesn’t make sense to grant the Yemen’s request to double the financial aid for the country to fight terrorism until Yemen proves that the money they received so far actually go for fighting and not harboring terrorists. The US taxpayer is pouring money into regimes that do a sloppy job calling out terrorists. As Obama said: “Grab a mop!”. Their people are unwilling to take on the bad ones of their own. Well may the time has come. The time when the father will go to authorities and share his concerns about his child, like the Nigerian father did and those American families of the five Virginia Muslims in Pakistan did and the Imam of Najibullah Zazi did.

It is time for those on the blacklist to take on the bad guys of their own themselves and this time for real.
It is possible. Look at the people of Iran. They are fighting on the streets giving their lives to take down their own dictators.

The ACLU crowd is crying that US cannot be profiling people. Yes, we can!

After army review we profiled Major Hassan as worthy for a promotion and we were wrong. After interview at the US embassy in London we profiled Umar Abdul Mutallab as worthy of US visa and we were wrong. We profiled the Jordanian double agent as a friend and we were wrong.

We better start profiling using techniques that will give us the right result or else we are just kidding ourselves.