Sarah Palin is a million copies book selling star and one of the leaders the US Tea Party movement. With 10% unemployment in the country millions of Americans are left to exist on pure hope and have plenty of time to look for signs of improvement. Some find them in palindromes – series of symbols that fascinate with the fact that can be read the same way in either direction.

For example, the 11th of February – the date of Sarah Palin’s birthday in 2011 will be a palindrome (11.02.2011). Fans and followers may think it will be a good luck for her to announce run for Presidency on that date unless the reading of her morning cup of coffee suggests otherwise.

new moon

The Lunar phase on 21st of February 2012 will be a New Moon according to NASA. The date is a palindrome (21.02.2012) and will be in the middle of the most critical time of the presidential primaries. 21st of February 2012 is Tuesday – two weeks after the super one.

The Republican calendar of the primaries will continue to shape up in the next year. So far the Hawaii caucuses and the Wisconsin primary are set on that date. Will the power of the numbers give Palin an edge in the Aloha state? At the end, it will be up to the voters. Sarah’s birthday in 2012 will be on Saturday and the Louisiana primary is scheduled on that date. Birthdays are always helpful because they bring positive news coverage in the middle of a fierce battle.

Democrat’s calendar for the presidential primaries is not ready yet because the states are still trying to figure out a way to get more power in decision-making. The left has plenty of time – they are pretty sure Obama will run in 2012 for re-election. Most likely the super delegates will lose their “super” powers to decide the nominee in 2016 after the public nightmare they caused in the Clinton-Obama match-up in 2008.

In the past election 20th of August 2008 was a palindrome date (2008-2008). John McCain announced Sarah Palin as his VP choice 9 days later. May be if he had done it on 20.08 instead of 29.08 the wheel of fortune would have turned differently for the good Ol’ Senator from Arizona.

The Moon on the 21st of February 2012 will be in the zodiac sign Aquarius which is Sarah Palin’s birth sign. It is possible that the Republicans will have their nominee decided in February 2012. Will the palindrome dates bring luck to Palin? We shall only find out in 2012. There is a whole movement of astrologists arguing if the 2012 is really the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. Some predict unrest and rebellions, some expect freedom and peace. I will go with Sir Isaac Newton who calculated the beginning of the Age of Aquarius to be 2060. He certainly knew a thing or two about the stars and their interactions. Some folks even predict the end of the world in December 2012 – right after the elections.

Palindromes can also be found in combining time and date. For example 1:10 on January 10 is a palindrome (01:10, 01/10). Life can be complicated if you chase black cats, look in a crystal ball, make up palindromes or gaze at the stars to find signs. I just look at the poll numbers to see if the Palin syndrome is still spreading in America.