The fine professors at a small university few people have heard of have apparently appointed themselves the new lexicon czars in Obama’s cabinet. See the list of words Lake Superior State University wants banned from the English language in 2010 and tell us what you think.

Lake Superior State University words

Actually their list is nothing new. This is the 35th year in a row that Lake Superior State University in Michigan has been compiling a tongue-in-cheek list of overused, misused, and downright annoying words and phrases that spring into everyday use. They are a small public university in the state of Michigan as you can learn in the video below.

Clearly there are political words that the GOP would like to have banned from the public lexicon. Particularly in November 2010, Republicans believe that certain words will be banished permanently, such as Harry Reid, Christopher Dodd, Arlen Specter, Kirsten Gillibrand, Blanche Lincoln, and Byron Dorgan. None of these overused words made the official list.

But these words did make the cut. Here are the fifteen words Lake Superior State University wants banned from language:

Shovel-ready, as in the Democrats are shovel-ready for burial this year.
Transparency, as in the White House does not have the same transparency as the Bush administration.
Czar, as in most of Obama’s new hires in the White House.
Tweet, as in the commander-in-chief still has his blackberry so he can tweet Right Pundits.
App, as in ten czars for ten job apps.
Friend (verb), as in friend me, Barack.
Teachable moment, something said when you screw up.
In these economic times, something said when the American people are about to get screwed.
Stimulus, as in porkulus.
Toxic assets, as in the stuff our donors need purchased by the taxpayers.
Too big to fail, as in our donors.
Bromance, beats me. Enlighten us in the comments.
CHILLAXIN’, which is what Michelle does on the View.
Obama- (as prefix or suffix), as in Obamacare, Obamanation, Obamaoron, etc.

So what do you think of the words Lake Superior State University wants banished from use. Did they leave any out of your own list?