Some of you may find this to be a big surprise, but a Harvard study shows that the great swine flu pandemic was oversold. Shocking I know, as one doctor points out, “The H1N1 pandemic was a pandemic that never materialized.” Then I guess you could call the swine flu pandemic oversold, wouldn’t you think?

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The Harvard study uses the deaths from H1N1 back in the spring and projecting what they would have been in the fall suggests that the swine flu pandemic was indeed oversold by a government willing to allow its citizens to be in a constant state of fear. Some had suggested all along that the government was using the news of a possible swine flu pandemic as a means of fear mongering. Hard to believe, huh? A fear mongering government, who would have thought?

This is in no way intended to make light of those who did die from the disease, but let’s think back to all of the reports telling us that small children, older people, and pregnant women were dying by the thousands and the pandemic had reached biblical proportions. Perhaps swine flu was oversold. But why?

The CDC had previously estimated that nearly 100,000 people would die from the swine flu. We haven’t yet reached 10,000 and most flu activity has leveled off. The CDC now reports that just 11 states have widespread flu activity. The government was at one time in full throated vaccination mode. Joe Biden himself said he wouldn’t ride the subway. Once again, why?

At one time, it was feared the swine flu pandemic would cause there to be worldwide shortage of the much needed swine flu vaccine. Now, just a few months later, with swine flu oversold to the degree it has been, a surplus of vaccinations looks to be the order. Nice call governments of the world.

Is there likely to be more flu cases before springtime? Most definitely, but I’m no doctor. The fact is the swine flu pandemic was oversold to a public that sometimes seems to feed on doom and gloom. A perfect situation for a fear mongering government. Is it possible the pandemic was touted to take the public’s mind off of more serious subjects like the war, economy, terrorism, the government takeover of well, everything? I’m not generally into conspiracy theories but the swine flu oversell makes you wonder.