Did everyone see the JFK photo hoax that was perpetrated on a celebrity gossip site at the end of December? See the fake JFK picture in which the president was supposedly partying on a yacht with naked girls jumping all around him into the ocean. He has a contented smile on his face while sunning in a lawn chair.

JFK photo hoax

This is a Right Pundits open talk thread where you can discuss this topic or any other on your mind today but I am talking about the nude JFK photo that is so far from the truth as to be incredibly funny. Ah who would not want the Kennedy life!

Unfortunately for historians the picture was proven to be a hoax within hours of publication.

The original TMZ “exclusive” story blared that the picture would have changed history if it was published before the 1960 election. Details are that the badly creased photo was possessed by an auto dealer and stored in his closet for years. The man died a decade ago and the blockbuster image was given to his son by will and testament. Or so the story goes.

TMZ reported having authentication experts examine the photo as they put up a side-by-side comparison of real John Kennedy pictures. They concluded it was not fake. See the full Monty report and their expert pontificating on video below.

Well it isn’t technically a fake photo, but it is not JFK either. After publication the JFK naked picture went predictably viral on the internet as these things tend to do. Within an hour or two other websites identified the photo as taken in 1968. If it was taken in 1968 then the man enjoying himself in the lawn chair would have been dead for four years. Even JFK conspiracy theorists would have a tough time swallowing that one.

Not only that but the JFK picture was stolen straight out of a Playboy magazine story which promoted the virtues of a swinging lifestyle. The original pic was in color. The Playboy photo was changed to black and white and the creases added apparently to make it look more like a vintage 1950s image.

So dear readers, tell us what you think of the JFK photo hoax or anything else on your minds. See the video, the original Playboy picture, and the comparison that duped the experts. Blow up the pictures to examine them to your hearts’ content.

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