How in the world do you explain Barack Obama’s gray hair, old man photos just one year in? One of the favorite pastimes of political pundits like me is to reflect back on a President after he leaves office and of course observe how much he as aged. W aged quite a bit, even the seemingly young Bill Clinton aged a lot. But they had eight years to do it.

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I suppose there is quite a lot that could account for Obama’s gray hair. Old man he isn’t, but very ambitious character he is; and when you’re very ambitious with very little success, you would tend to stress a bit. I think Obama’s gray hair can in many ways be attributed to his overzealous agenda to socialize America. I’m not sure he bargained on the resistance he has thus far encountered.

Let’s take our last President for instance; George W. Bush was only 54 when he entered office in January of 2001 and he looked all of 44. Fast forward eight years through 9/11, a couple of wars, daily battles with the liberal media, and not to mention a re-election fight in 2004 he certainly looked his age (62) when he left the Oval Office in January 2009.

Bill Clinton preceded Bush as a fairly young President. As a matter of fact, slick Willie was the third youngest President in History. We’ve grown accustomed to Clinton’s snow white hair, but if you’ll remember he didn’t have much in the way of gray when he became President. But that’s what eight years of scandals and dodging your Constitutional duties will get you. He looks all of his 62 years now.

Which brings us back to Barack Obama’s gray hair; what gives? One year in of what we conservatives hope will only be four and the guy has some major salt-n-pepper going on. Just one year ago, he had a full head of black hair. Is Barack Obama an old man? No way; the dude hasn’t even hit 50 yet. But one year in he looks like he’s spent a good solid first term in the probably the most stressful job there is.

Stress is the likely culprit for Barack Obama’s gray hair and old man photos that seem to be popping up all of a sudden. And I know you libs out there are going to let me have it for taking it to your guy for aging so fast; but I’m telling you, he’s too ambitious for his own good. He wants to get too much done in too little amount of time. Think about how many major policy items he took up in his first year, not to mention the crappy economy that he helped prolong. I guess if anything, Obama’s gray hair is a sign to liberals and conservatives that Obama failed in 2009. He’s obviously spent a lot of time stressing about the things he didn’t get done. Here’s hoping he’s absolutely white headed by the time 2011 rolls around.

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