I have been holding back on this one but my rage is growing with every passing day. Last night I was stuck in an airport for an additional 3 hours due to a shocking (shocking I tell you!)delay.

The only station on the airport TV’s was CNN. I had the gutwrenching experience of having to listen to Larry King interview the 3rd grade celebrities who just left Anna’s funeral. He was asking every “too bit, want to be celebrity”, so how was the funeral? Gee Larry, let’s see, the chick was not even 40 years old. It was a big party in there, let me tell you.

Do you know what the sad part is? I think it probably was. I never saw so many glory/misery hounds in one gathering ever. It was disgraceful. The whole thing is an abomination. Camille Paglia, who I normally respect despite her lefty politics, has also fallen prey to the Anna Nicole hysteria.

This whole episode proves to me that indeed, people suck. Let’s not worry about Al Qaeda, Greta. Forget about the war on terror or the growing problem with Iran and the mess in Iraq. No siree, let’s focus on a whacked out blonde chick who obviously had huge problems and very little actual talent.