Is that Al Gore accepting an Oscar for An Inconvenient Truth ? Despite its many exaggerations and errors, still many zealots worship at the alter of Global Warming theory. One thing Al Gore proved is there aren’t any scientists among the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences.

Now we have word that Global Warming is caused by natural occurrences by the sun, as proven by this recent study of Mars. But I am editorializing while you just came to caption.

Welcome to our Thursday photo caption contest at Right Pundits, a day late once again!

Caption this photo and you just might be the lucky winner to be announced next Thursday. Can you handle a full week of suspense?

The winners for last week’s contest are below the fold.

And the moment you’ve been waiting for:

Here are the winners from last week’s contest!!!

The Winners !!!

1st Prize – Cowboy Blob says:
Hey, Hill…Who’s Yer Daddy?

2nd Prize – Elliot says:
Let’s go back to my place, we can play President and Intern…….

3rd Prize – Rodney Dill says:
“C’mon Hill, you were turned on when Madonna and Britney kissed right?�?

Honorable Mention – Joe Citizen says:
…..ebony and ivory…..

Honorable Mention – Cowboy Blob:
Ebony and Ornery….

Honorable Mention – Elliott Says:
Next on He Said, She Said…..

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