Angry mobster – a person waving tea bags in public who is not happy with government wasting the taxes he/she pays.

Beer summit – a new way to publicly embarrass the police when they act stupidly.

Bipartisan bill – bunch of democrats +1 republican

Climate change – formerly known as an Academy Award winning idea about a global warming

Closing Gitmo – let’s not do it but say that we did.

Enhanced revenues – higher taxes.

Fat cat bankers – all fat cats that are not cabinet members, presidential advisers or campaign contributors.

H1N1 – swine flu.

Hopenhagen – Copenhagen when President Obama is visiting.

Job summit – when President runs out of ideas about how to fix the economy.

Let’s not forget how we got into this mess – if nothing works, blame Bush!

Man-made disasters – terrorists.

News channel – TV channel that covers the White House favorably.

Nobel Peace Prize – awarded to Obama on his second week in office for the peace he may bring in the future.

Not bowing – if the President’s head is above the waist line of a foreign dignity.

Party crashers – I will show you my invitation when you show me your birth certificate.

Pull the plug on grandma – rationing health care for the elderly.

Right to bare arms – the right of the First Lady to wear sleeveless outfits outside the gym.

Stimulus – /not to be confused with a porn movie/ – 800 billion dollar Porkulus that did not stop the unemployment reaching double digits.

Teleprompter – addictive device that prompts the President when to talk and what to say.

The Chicago Olympics – the Olympics that will be held in Rio de Janeiro.

Universal health care – mandatory health insurance.

Visiting the troops – nice photo-op.

White coats – required attire for doctors meeting the President.

Terms are listed in alphabetical order.
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