A male cheating gene has been discovered which gives men yet another explanation for cheating on their spouses. Read the story here, see a video on cheating men, and tell us what you think. This is a Right Pundits open talk thread where you can discuss this topic or any other of your choosing.

cheating gene

Up until now the best line was to pretend that your woman was neglecting you, which doubled as both a feeble excuse and also made her feel guilty for your pleasures. Now you can be completely devoid of personal responsibility for your marital infidelity by blaming biology.

Researchers have discovered that 40% of men have a variant gene which is at least partly responsible for cheating. Bill Clinton has it. Tiger Woods has it. Barack Obama may have it but we doubt that Larry Sinclair is telling the truth.

The research was conducted by behavioral geneticists at the Karolinska Institute located in Stockholm, Sweden. The Swedes sure like to study sex for some reason. Their study of men took the path of least resistance. Rather than follow them around with hidden cameras they instead relied on the participants filling out questionnaires. They were able to correlate cheating with the presence of a variation of the AVPR1A gene.

Gene variants are called “alleles” in science. Men who cheat have two of the AVPR1A “cheating gene” while men who remain faithful have only one. Not only that but the presence of the allele also explains men who are distant with their spouses and emotionally unavailable, a common source of marital dissatisfaction among women. Turns out that some of these distant men have 40 girlfriends.

The science raises ethical challenges for society. Is it right for marriage prospects to be genetically tested for compatibility? If a potential spouse is one of the 40% with the cheating gene, would it be proper to dump him for someone who doesn’t?

My answer is yes. Cheaters father more children than they can take care of and steal available women away from eligible men. We at Right Pundits support a harmonious society. Weed out the cheaters by testing them all and refusing to breed with the defective males. Just imagine that we could have had a world without Bill Clinton?

Curious as to reader thoughts about the cheating gene and anything else on your minds after viewing the video.