In a Senate floor debate on healthcare was Max Baucus drunk? As you watch the video of Baucus, ranting incessantly that the Republicans refused to work constructively towards a bi-partisan healthcare bill, you can only come to the conclusion that Senator Baucus may have been hitting the eggnog a little too hard. Watch the video for yourself, you be the judge. I’ve made my decision on the matter.

428px Max S Baucus

In his rant, Baucus is arguing from the standpoint that “passing” healthcare reform is the correct position. It is not however the correct position automatically. If it were, then Max Baucus’ drunk rant would have been accurate. Calling out Republicans for not working towards a bi-partisan bill would have been the right thing to do assuming that passing healthcare reform was the default position.

That’s the complete and total problem with liberal democrats, well I should say one big problem with liberal democrats; they automatically assume that their position on a subject is the be all to end all on the matter. Max Baucus berates Republicans for not working towards passing healthcare; did he ever stop to think that maybe they really feel like it’s the wrong thing to do and that they truly don’t want to pass government run healthcare?

He asks the question, “Where is the Senator on that side of the aisle (Republican side) who has the courage to break from their leadership to work together towards healthcare reform?” In that case, I ask where’s the Senator on the Democratic side with enough courage to break away from Harry Reid and Barack Obama to stop healthcare reform? It’s a two way street Senator Baucus, drunk or not.

The most outrageous thing about this video is not that Max Baucus, drunk as a skunk, appeared that way on the Senate floor; the most outrageous thing is the argument that Baucus uses against those opposing healthcare reform. His core argument is that those who oppose healthcare reform are somehow lacking courage, while those who seek to destroy the economy along with the country are heroic. How ludicrous.