Come see the spectacle of Montana Democrat Max Baucus drunk on the Senate floor during debate on the health care package in Congress. See the video here and tell us what you think.

Max Baucus drunk

Clearly he is not the first United States Senator drunk during a debate in the U.S. Senate. Ted Kennedy was a famous drunkard and womanizer. Senator John Tower was famously rejected for a cabinet post because of boozing. Anyone remember Bob Packwood?

But what is interesting about Max Baucus drunk is that his problem is a little microcosm of debate on the Obama health-care package which has been roundly jeered in Congress and sunk in public opinion polls. Baucus provided the decisive 60th vote in the Senate which probably kissed his career goodbye in the process.

Republicans are lining up to face him in the next election as they are in so many other states where Democrats have voted to tax our children and grandchildren with Obama’s plan. Some Jekyll and Hyde version of health care passed the Senate thanks to politicians like Baucus and will now face reconciliation with the House of Representatives’ version.

In the video Baucus is slurring his speech in the obvious tell-tale signs of a man who has nothing more to lose. In a way it is sad because Max Baucus of all people has made a career out of working with Republicans. His heavily GOP state of Montana demands he do no less, and on this one issue he failed his constituency miserably.

And it is not for lack of trying. He worked tirelessly as committee chairman trying to broker a deal for Obama to save face on the health care package. His efforts largely failed in two ways. He did not really get anything he wanted, and he failed to understand that the true bipartisan position on health care reform is to do nothing. The public is overwhelmingly against it because of the enormous financial burdens it will place on ourselves and our loved ones in future generations to come.

See Max Baucus drunk on the Senate floor and contemplate the health care boondoggle that may end the careers of many Democrat politicians like Baucus. Tell us what you think in the comments.

Video of Max Baucus Drunk