As the war on terror rages on and global warming threatens to snuff out our very existence, a handful of Democrat officials are currently concerning themselves with the games being played on college campuses. The game, which is called “catch an illegal alien,? is simply a variation of hide and seek. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, one player posing as an illegal immigrant hides and everyone else tries to find him or her.

Democratic National Chairman Howard Dean and Ramona Martinez, chair of the Democratic National Committee’s Hispanic caucus, sent a letter to the GOP chairman (as if he can do anything about it) asking him to put a halt to the events.

In response to the letter Tracy Schmitt, a spokeswoman for the Republican National Committee, issued a PC statement that said “we find these activities both egregious and offensive and condemn them wholeheartedly.” But she also noted the College Republicans are independent of the RNC, and “We do not control their activities.

So there you have it. Señor Dean had to really dig deep this time
but he managed to find another way to suck up to the Hispanic voting block. I suspect that sometime in the near future we will see some legislation that makes the game of “catch an illegal alien? a hate crime.

Is this game offensive? I suppose it could be, especially if you’re an illegal alien.

Is it inappropriate? No more inappropriate than a lot of things that frat boys do.

Is it worthy of congressional involvement? Not in a million years.