Vice President Cheney was rushed into a bomb shelter at a U.S. military base in Afghanistan yesterday morning after a homicide bomber blew himself up outside the main gate of Bagram Airfield in a half assed attempt to kill the V.P.. Although Cheney was in no real danger from the blast, at least four people, including a U.S. soldier at the gate were killed in the attack.

The Vice President had spent the night at the base in a building far from the front gate, however he was aware that something was going on when he heard a “loud boom” at around 10 a.m. Afghan time. Cheney had spent the night at Bagram in advance of a meeting with Afghan President Hamad Karzai to take place the day of the bombing.

Speaking to reporters about the incident en route to Oman following a two-hour meeting with Karzai, Cheney said he was in the bomb shelter for only “a short period of time,” did not feel threatened, and he had not considered canceling his meeting with Karzai. He also added that the attack was meant as a blow against the Afghan president but would “not affect our behavior,”

The base operations commander, Army Lt. Col. James E. Bonner, said the bomber approached the gate and “when he realized he would not be able to get onto the base, he attacked the local population.” In addition to the U.S. soldier, another coalition soldier and a U.S. government contract employee died in the attack along with the bomber, the commander said. Another 27 people were wounded.

Those terrorist loving hacks over at Reuters news service are also reporting that Taliban spokesman Mullah Hayat Khan took credit for organizing the attack. “We wanted to target . . . Cheney,” Khan said, during a phone interview from an undisclosed location.

Let’s just hope that the bomb wearing simpleton who blew himself up yesterday morning gets his just reward in the hereafter, and may all of his 72 virgins look like Madeleine Albright.

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