Yay. We have a new server for our blog family at RightPundits!

We’ve been getting 30,000 visits a day for the past few days, something that will occur more frequently in the future. These visit levels just aren’t supportable in a shared hosting environment at DreamHost. They were good to us at DreamHost, but time to move on to new pastures. Sorry about all those internal service errors, and the dreaded “capacity limit reached – come back later messages.” They should be behind us. Blame it on Antonella Barba.

Any comments left after about 2pm yesterday did not migrate so they are lost. Sorry about that!

I am aware of a few problems in the new environment. On one of our blogs, photos are not loading, which makes for a rather boring blog.

And to my dear blogger friends, you can’t load photos yet on any of the blogs.

Please add any other problems that you see in the comments, assuming that comments are working!

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