Almost 1,000 Copenhagen Climate protesters were arrested when the new peacenik generation became violent protesting against global warming. Thousands of loons were marching to urge those meeting in Copenhagen to come to some sort of binding agreement to curb global warming.

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It always happens, violence broke out during the protests when windows were smashed and cars were set on fire. How about that peaceful protest? The protesters were a part of what they deemed “a global day of action”; hoping beyond hope that the delegates in Copenhagen will fleece the developed world real good.

The Copenhagen Climate protests were a display of real intelligence with some people dressed as penguins with signs that read “save the humans”, others just set stuff on fire, smashed things and lit fireworks. Just another excuse to raise a little heck; climate protest indeed. Reuters reports that the main demonstration was led with drummers, dancers, and of course the ever ingenious banner.

While Copenhagen Climate protesters hope to assuage delegates of any pent up feelings of non-belief in their religion, it’s pretty safe to say that most of those gathered in Copenhagen have drank well from the spring of global warming hype. What I’m trying to say is the protests were meaningless and needless.

The bottom line is this; the new generation of peacenik hippies just love a good protest. The Copenhagen Climate summit is the perfect opportunity to feel like you’re really making a difference, really changing the world. Never mind that what you believe in and what you’re fighting for is a complete and total farce. As thousands gather at the Copenhagen Climate protests, I’m not sure what for, it’s just a reminder of the power of propaganda. And they claim to be the enlightened ones.