… Yes, Virginia, Santa has returned again in June …

Happy June 18th

President Obama has reached the 41% range on Friday. He has the lowest overall approval percentage since the beginning of the tracking poll. Rasmussen didn’t publish the exact values today, so this is rounded off, however, it is still the lowest. The previous low was on Wednesday of this week.

An outlier among independents has entered the data. This, with 36% approval among men, creates a very low overall percentage.

Although this lessening in support is obviously due to an outlier among independents, the overall signs demonstrate a continued weakening in support. Percents have been consistently falling over the last few days. Two thirds of this poll has been taken after the President’s address to the nation.

What a great speech, wasn’t it?

… Look out, Mr. President, look out …

The drip, drip, drip is back.

Read the details below and then check out the trends on the approval rating post that is linked on the post of posts.

… 41%/58% ….. Overall …..

This percentage is due to an outlier.

… 15%/85% .. Republicans ..

This percentage is not unreasonable for republicans.

… 76%/21% … Democrats …

This percentage is not unreasonable for democrats.

… 28%/72% . Independents .

This percentage is clearly an outlier.

… 36%/62% …….. Men ……..

One outlier among the three categories above creates this category to fall.

… 46%/54% ….. Women ……

This category appears to be relatively low.