While officials within our government are busy trying to convince the rest of the members of the U.N. that the Iranian nuclear program is indeed a situation worthy of some serious attention, it seems that Iranian President Ahmadinejad is facing more and more criticism at home. In other words, Ahmadinejad could very well be out of office before the “world community� comes up with a practical and reasonable plan of action.

When Ahmadinejad took office back in 2005, he promised to create jobs, cut inflation, and elevate the standard of living in Iran. Not only has Ahmadinejad accomplished none of the above, the truth of the matter is that unemployment remains as high now as it was in 2005, inflation is on the rise, and the overall quality of life for the Iranian people has showed no signs of improvement.

Not only has Ahmadinejad showed little interest in the welfare of his own people, according to an article posted at the BBC News, people within his own regime are now going on record saying that Ahmadinejad has squandered much of Iran’s national wealth along the way.

The head of the Majlis’ (Iranian parliament) Research Office, an influential body that advises deputies on important issues, criticized Mr. Ahmadinejad for drawing “unreservedly and without much consideration” from the country’s oil revenues special fund.

Ahmad Tavakoli, a leading hardliner and an economy expert, criticized the government for almost emptying the reserves. Another influential deputy and a leader of the government faction accused the government of “lacking any direction”.

Maybe the Iranian people are becoming fed up Ahmadinejad’s administration, and tired of being in the media spotlight for all of the wrong reasons; enough so that they will decide to take it upon themselves to do at the ballot box what the U.N. can’t do with halfhearted, meaningless, and unenforceable resolutions.