That would make at least a few bloggers who read this site happy. Me? I am ready for a change. And other random thoughts of the day.

Now that the Oscars have been handed out this year, how about that…oh, who gives a crap!

American Idol is putting me to sleep this year. Kind of like Paul Tsongas in the 1992 Democratic primary race. Far from being too mean, Simon Cowell needs to start laying some of these losers out.

We should start a Supreme Court pool that has 2 categories. Who will be the next to go because of a voluntary step down or who goes next because they will be taking the perverbial dirt nap? We should have odds and everything. Betting on death never gets old.

Iraq is going swimmingly. No matter how many people die every day, it is getting better. Really. To quote Kevin Bacon from the movie Animal House, “All is well”.

Who kidnapped Michael Moore? Whoever it is, I will pay them to keep him.

All of a sudden the Republicans in the Senate don’t seem to think that the filibuster is such bad thing to have handy. My, isn’t that interesting.

On a previous blog, I let Yahoo suggest the tags to me. They did not suggest Katie Couric even though I wrote about her. THAT is cold.

Speaking of Katie Couric, do you think more people would tune in if she looked like this:

BTW – The above photo is the actress Nimrata Singh, a self described conservative. As for me, I still think CBS made a huge mistake in replacing Bob Schieffer with someone from a morning program. Their ratings would be higher now had they just stayed the course. Katie will be on the CBS Morning Show within 2 years. Finally, Schieffer handled the demotion in a dignified manner that is seldom displayed in today’s world. He is a class act.

Let’s see if Yahoo suggests Katie for a tag?

Why is Sam Brownback even bothering to run? I guess he likes to spend other people’s money for no reason.

Rudy is up by 25 points in a Reuters poll. I know that I am a broken record on this topic, but he is unbeatable, at least on the Republican side. Once again, I will reference Michael Smerconish’s most recent article in the Philadelphia Sunday Inquirer. Michael lays out Rudy’s case, at least in Pennsylvania, that the voters are looking for a moderate GOP candidate. In the primaries, Rudy should be able to win all of the John Kerry states from 04 plus Ohio, Louisiana and quite possibly Virginia. One, if not both of the Carolinas, are a definite possibility.

You can tell that Giuliani is being taken very seriously since the far right wing has started a full frontal attack and the left wing main stream press is chiming in with negative articles about Rudy’s personal life. Message to Rudy – stay the course. Do not deviate from your message. Deflect with humor. It works. Just ask Bill Clinton. As the Ron Silver character on The West Wing said to the Alan Alda character, “I am trying to build a 50 state mandate”.

The Alda character lost? Nevermind then. Wait, it was a TV show, not reality.

My oh my, is Hilliary sounding awfully defensive these days. The 2 for 1 story just does not play as well in 2007 as it did in 1992. In my mind at least, she is still the clear front runner. This much is clear now, it will not be a pain free process for her to reach the end zone.

Whatever happened to TJ from the TV show S.W.A.T?