Nah. He really is a liberal with the exceptions of wot and Iraq. As a politican, he must be loving all of the power he holds right now.

After the whole Geffen episode, how badly do you think that Obama wanted a cigarette? Just one puff!

At least the Dems are providing some entertainment. The only fun on the Republican side right now is watching the John McCain of 2007 and noticing all of the ways he is so different than the John McCain of 2000. He may be on the wrong side yet again though. The country may be yearning for someone with a mixture of views that are not entirely Democratic or Republican. Gee, does that sound like Rudy Giuliani? McCain’s turn to the hard right may even damage him in the primaries. I know that sounds odd but Rudy could get all of the northern states even in the primaries. All he has to do is pick up a state like Louisiana, Virginia or Florida (with all the New York transports) and he wins.

Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes were awesome. No offense to Motown of the 60’s, but there is no better music than The Philly Sound from the early to mid 70’s. They just did not have Berry Gordy’s marketing machine.

Michael Jackson as a headliner in Vegas? That is enough for me to stop going. My wife wants to see Prince. I was not happy about that until I saw his Super Bowl performance which rocked.

Is it me or is the world so messed up that Pat Buchannan is starting to make sense.

Friday Night Lights is the best TV show that no one is watching. For all of the guys out there, here are two reasons to at least tune in once.

I wonder if Leo Dicraprio realizes that every time he purchases a Prius, 6,000 air conditioners are sold in China and India, while each country starts a new factory. Hmm.. does his Prius make any difference. Global warming is a scam to turn the US into a third rate economic power. Gore is so niave that he probably does not realize he is being scammed.

Check out last month’s Philadelphia Magazine. A noted climatologist from the University of Penn, who voted for Gore, stated that his science is nothing less than bull. Guess he won’t make it onto Olbermann’s show.

Whatever happened to Lori Beth from Happy Days?