The Taliban should see what happened to John Edwards and Lieberman as evidence. The man ran Haliburtion, enough said. I smell dark days ahead for the Taliban. And other random thoughts of the day.

Why can’t Bush pronounce the word government? He runs the government for friggin sakes. The least he could do is say the word correctly. It is not “guvment”.

More people blown up in Iraq. Hey, things are really going great there aren’t they?

Is anyone watching Katie Couric on CBS? I didn’t think so.

My friend Mark wants the address to this site so that he can post that I am a liver lillied liberal wimp. The people on Kos and DU (before I was banned) call me a right wing reactionary nut.
That is the edited version. I just can’t win I guess.

Read Michael Smerconish’s article in last Sunday’s Philadelphia Inquirer. He is a morning talk radio host for WPHT in Philly and is the best in the business. He leans right but will carry no water and gives everyone a fair shake. Hiring him as a columnist is the only correct thing that the Inquirer has done in the last 5 years.

Rush thinks that the msm was getting on Rex Grossman because he is white. No Rush – it really is because he sucks. I’m sorry, but it is true.

Raquel Welch’s daughter was in the movie “Cocoon”. I thought she would be a big star but then was never heard from again. Strange.

Is today’s Bill Shatner really the same one who played Captain Kirk? They almost seem like different people.

The next 6 months and we will know if Hilliary has the cuts to handle the storm. I think she does.

Will Al Sharpton sue the Thurmond family for reparations?

Howie Mandel is great on Deal or No Deal, but the real stars of the show are the models. Here is one of them.

Her name is Donna Feldman. Howie has a good gig going. A really good gig. Oh, and check him out in Vegas. His show is a riot.

Whatever happened to Thelma for Good Times?