And other random thoughts of the day.

I am beginning to believe that Gore is going to run for President in 08 despite his earlier statements. He would have already been President if it were not for something that the MSM and blogosphere completely missed. Does everyone remember the Hernandez kid who made it to FL from Cuba while his mother died in route? The Clinton administration sent the kid back. The Gore team knew, along with everyone else, that Florida was the key state for 2000 much like Ohio for 2004. The ex-patriot Cuban committee was incensed at the Clinton admin for sending the kid back. I talked to someone who is very tied into that community and he estimates that the situation cost Gore about 30,000 votes. He goes from a slim victory to a tie and the rest is history. Think about that the next time anyone makes the claim that Gore should have used Clinton more. Clinton was only going to help him in the states that he already had locked up. Clinton cost Gore the election.

Itunes, Ipod, HDTV, DVR, DLP, LCD, Plasma and now phones that do everything but change your kids diapers. The world has really changed in the last 5 years but think about the pace of change over the last 15 years. What will the next 15 be like?

So Italy declares war on the Germans in 1943 after we took over. Did they really mean it? A question inspired by my wife.

Look at the picture below. Anyone ready to take me serious yet?

Whatever happened to Duane from “What’s Happening”?