I’m sure all of you have seen a story or 10 about the rat infested KFC/Taco Hell joint up in “The Village�? Friday. As a matter of fact, McCain posted a video of the filthy little fuzzies running wild in the restaurant. This is just a little update.

You might be surprised amused to hear that the New York City Health Department confirmed Saturday the rat-infested KFC/Taco Bell at 331 6th Avenue in Greenwich Village had passed inspection just one day before CBS cameras caught the rodents running all over the place.

Health officials said the restaurant located at Sixth Avenue and West 4th Street was investigated Thursday following complaints, but the inspector didn’t see any rats. The Health Department said the restaurant will remain closed until it passes re-inspection.

When asked for a comment about the rat infested restaurant, Chuck Hunt of the New York State Restaurant Association said, “Please, I hope that the public that saw that won’t be turned (off) tempted not to patronize our restaurants because we have the finest and cleanest restaurants in the world.”

Rick Maynard of KFC/Taco Bell issued CYA corporate memo on the matter Friday that said, “This is completely unacceptable and is an absolute violation of our high standards. This restaurant has been closed and we are addressing the issue with the franchise owner. We will not allow this store to re-open until it is completely re-sanitized and given a clean bill of health. We want to reassure customers that this is an isolated incident at the Greenwich TB/KFC at 331 6th Avenue.”

I would like to inform Mr. Hunt that although New York may very well have some of the finest and cleanest restaurants in the world, but that dump at Sixth Avenue and West 4th Street was not one of them, nor will it ever be, and while I’m at it, here’s a newsflash for Rick Maynard of KFC/Taco Bell. You could set that building aflame and start anew, but that business will always be known as the chicken joint that had rats throwing after-hours raves.