Can Barack Obama do anything right? Here is the story of socialite Michaele Salahi, who long with her dapper husband Tareq Salahi, managed to party crash the State Dinner event in honor of India.

Michaele Salahi photo

The couple slipped into the White House and headed straight for the booze in the reception room, posing for photographs with Joe Biden among other people. Obama himself had the gumption to thank the White House party crashers for coming.

This is a hilarious story but it is also emblematic of a problem in the White House. This is the first time in the history of the country that an uninvited guest has breached security to crash a White House State Dinner. Barack Obama tenure in office has been one long amateur hour.

The Obamas hired staff who were not vetted, bow to royalty, send offensive gifts to other heads of state, and they cannot even keep a guest list straight. The Obamas are Washington’s version of the Beverly Hillbillies.

Now for the fun part. Who is Michaele Salahi? Her biography is scant but we can tell you that she is a former model who loves the polo ponies. Her birthday is October 1st and her measurements are unknown. Takes a great picture though, and seems to be the life of the party along with her partner in crime Tareq Salahi.

The couple met (fittingly) at a holiday party in 2000 and were married the next year. He was embroiled for years in a family feud over a vineyard started by his father 30 years ago, a controversy which was finally settled by lawyers in 2007.

The two are aspiring to participate in a new reality show called Real Housewives of Washington DC. Much more about their life story is here.

They party-crashed the Obama State Dinner and posed for pictures with such luminaries as Vice President Joe Biden, TV anchor Kate Couric, White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, Washington Mayor Fenty, and Indian Ambassador Singh. You can see some of those photos below.

On Michaele Salahi’s Facebook page she posted all the images and boasted:

Honored to have attended the state dinner at the White House in honor of India with President Obama and our First Lady. INDIA & the USA will challenege each other for the first time on the DC National Mall in June 2010 in what will be another proud and historic moment.

But they were not invited according to the Secret Service which is conducting a serious review of the security breach. Her Facebook page is loaded with a zillion comments, all guffaws of congratulations for pulling off the caper. In the comments tell us what you think of Michaele Salahi who along with her accomplice husband Tareq Salahi, are now forever known as the White House party crashers!

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