The first Obama State Dinner has come and gone, perhaps fittingly as a vegetarian dinner in which the finest in delicate foods was consumed by our bureaucratic class. See the video below.

Obama state dinner

Barack Obama entertained Manmohan Singh, the Indian Prime Minister on November 24th along with a host of Hollywood elite and mostly campaign donors. Everybody who supported Barack Obama’s election effort was there!

The lone Republican at the state dinner was Governor Bobby Jindal of New Orleans because he is of Indian heritage. Interestingly for so early in a president’s term, every other person in the room was a partisan Democrat or a foreign national.

But that is fair management in Washington these days. The main challenge of the event is that the benefactor, Manmohan Singh of India, should feel that all Americans were welcoming him to the States. That is because State Dinners are a reflection of our shared values as Americans, rising above petty political considerations on a world stage.

The menu included such cultural oddities as potato and eggplant salad, arugula, roasted potato dumplings, and red lentil soup. No American beef was presented to our international guests.

As the collection of America’s liberals wined and dined, the National Symphony Orchestra played softly in the background to the sounds of scratching silverware on china.

The media is reporting that Michelle Obama’s dress was spectacular. For posterity let it be known that she wore a sleeveless, gold and cream colored gown with highlights of silver and a matching witches shawl by an Indian designer named Naeem Khan. For me it looked like the curtains in Uncle Henry’s Winnebago.

This was truly an elitist occasion in Washington while average Americans worried about bread on the table and their next paychecks.

A video of the first Obama State Dinner is below. Tell us what you think in the comments.

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Obama State Dinner (Video)