By now we figured it out that the Obama’s Health Care reform will cut care and send more taxes our way. What really puzzle me are the mysterious parts of the bill about so called “Indirect payment reforms “to control reimbursements of health care providers. US Senate secured billions of our dollars in the Health care Bill to create: Innovation center to experiment with new payment models. Why? We already have tons of old models in which Government is trying to avoid paying the doctors and hospitals so the private insurance holders can pick up the tab.

The Senate Bill will create a $6-billion center to test and evaluate different payment reform models. Guess who will be the guinea pigs for all this experimenting? Medicare and Medicaid. Congratulations to all medical care providers who accept government insurance. A billion dollar bureaucracy will decide what you get and if you get anything at all for your service.

I was hoping Government will use all their innovative potential for finding cure for diseases. Instead Government is finding innovative ways to cut the payments to doctors and hospitals. What Government cuts will be transferred to private insurance until the premiums become so expensive that private policies may disappear altogether.

Major task of this 6 billion dollar center is expanding the use of pay-for-performance models in which doctors and hospitals earn bonuses tied to better outcomes in patience care.
Common sense says: patients with “risk of not so good outcomes and results” may have hard time to find a doctor or a hospital. The whole thing reminds me of the ancient law of Hammurabi (created ca. 1790 BC)

– If a doctor has treated a man for a severe wound with a lancet of bronze and has cured the man, or has opened a tumor with a bronze lancet and has cured the man’s eye; he shall receive ten shekels of silver.
– If a physician has treated a free-born man for a severe wound with a lancet of bronze and has caused the man to die, or has opened a tumor of the man with a lancet of bronze and has destroyed his eye, his hands one shall cut off.
– If he has opened his tumor with a bronze lancet and has ruined his eye, he shall pay the half of his price in money.
– If a doctor has cured the broken limb of a man, or has healed his sick body, the patient shall pay the doctor five shekels of silver.
– If the doctor of oxen and asses has treated an ox or an ass for a grave wound and has cured it, the owner of the ox or the ass shall give to the doctor as his pay one-sixth of a shekel of silver.

Seems to me there is nothing progressive in Government saying what the doctors should do and how much money is enough for them. It is just an “innovative” way to impose ancient tyranny on our health care system.