Just kidding! And other random thoughts of the day.

What has happened to Brittney Spears is awful. I was never a fan but she seemed like a nice enough kid. My wife (yes there is someone puts up with me) had an interesting observation. Could she be suffering from post partum depression?

Al Gore is the most popular politician in a North American country. Too bad for him, it is Canada and not the United States. I was in Canada this week while Gore is touring the country and he is a rock star there? He is not eligible to be their President and we do not want him to be ours. Even if he wins the Oscar, I still believe that in his nightly dreams he wins in 2000. The Oscar will not heal that wound. Waking up must really suck for him.

BTW – the Canadians are convinced that global warming is real. They look at the Hudson Bay for evidence. I had a long discussion with someone but I will boil it down to the main point. The ice melting is causing a 2 week shortage in the season that Polar Bears have to hunt their prey in the ice (whales, seals etc..). This is causing them to starve because in the warm months their prey is not available to them. Essentially, they have less time to build up their fat before a climate induced fasting.

I think global warming is real, but I am still not convinced that it is man made. The earth has had heating and cooling cycles forever. We were not driving cars a million years ago when it was warm, so who was to blame for that? Who was to blame for the ice age and the mini ice age in the 1700’s?

So Hilliary is in a snit over the money guys drooling over Obama? She should relax. They are just trying to send her the usual, “remember who owns you” message by flirting with Obama. I know Geffen raised a million bucks for Obama, but in Geffen’s world that is tip money.

Robin Meade is hot enough to make me watch a cnn product for more than 2 minutes. I just found out that she was Miss Ohio in 1992. The people of Ohio have good taste.

Lovie Smith brings the Bears to the Super Bowl and the great citizens of Chicago don’t want the guy to get a raise. What would be the reaction if he was coaching in Philadelphia? How many insufferable, “the philly fans are the worse human beings ever” articles would we have to endure?

Whatever happened to Tracey from The Partridge Family?