Here is the Adam Lambert AMA video in which he puts on a freaky performance at the end of the show which some are labeling porn. See his American Music Awards video on YouTube below and tell us what you think of all the gay kissing and debauchery in the comments. Perhaps fittingly Adam Lambert falls.

Adam Lambert AMA

Predictably the video has become a sensation on the internet in just a couple of hours since the show aired. And that is too bad because there were far better performance videos from the American Music Awards which deserve more attention. Freaky sells. And perhaps Adam Lambert falling down sells too.

There was a time in America when men were men and women were women, and people like Adam Lambert were relegated to the closets. That’s not the American culture I want to return to but neither do I want wimps on my TV screen. I say act like a man or shut up.

But it has long been this way in the music industry where people outside the norm have been celebrated for their oddity. Liberace gave me the creeps as a teenager but he was considered a mainstream performer even in the 1960s.

As the decades progressed performers like Prince assaulted our living rooms at awards shows, and now we have Adam Lambert who has to make a living out of shocking audiences rather than singing well.

So in 2009 we have Adam Lambert kissing men as part of the show on ABC network television. Add in whips, chains, b*ndage, dry humping and simulated fellatio sex and you have what passes for entertainment in some circles. A well-known celebrity gossip site has utterly panned the spectacle.

If it were not for his freaky persona Adam Lambert would barely rate as a musical performer. He is at best average unless men singing in high octaves puts a thrill up your leg.

And even heteros know that his outfit sucked. Nobody wears spiked clothing with pinstripes. What’s with the set that looked like a hamster habitat?

So did the AMA performance cross the line into porn? The Los Angeles Times weighs in on the question.

Love him or hate him, see the unedited Adam Lambert AMA video below via YouTube and tell us what you think about his performance in the comments. Lambert falls at the 1:55 mark in the video. The deep throat gay kiss occurs around the 3:35 mark shortly before the shocked ABC producer cut away.

Adam Lambert American Music Awards Performance Video