Looks like NBC’s Saturday Night Live is trying to be Fair and Balanced. In a pretend setting of a press conference the hip show that often addresses Presidential politics was very tough on Barack Obama. Comedian Fred Armisen was in the role of the Commander in chief. Will Forte and Nasim Pedrad portrait Chinese President Hu Jintao and his interpreter.
The spoof addressed in hilariously funny fashion the Health Care Bill, the US national Debt to China and even Cash for Clunkers.
SNL’s awakening is a sign that Obama’s honeymoon is over. Just few months ago the world of comedy had hard time to find anything funny about President Obama. The public revolt against some of the Obama’s policies lead to a totally different line of questioning. For example, while Obama’s administration finds it a great success spending billions of Chinese own debt for buying people’s clunkers – SNL team makes the very funny remark, that China does not want their debt to be repaid with clunkers.
The Administration recently claimed that jobs were saved and created by the Stimulus package in districts that do not even exist. That led the comedians of SNL to make the President in the spoof admit that the number of jobs created by the stimulus money /provided by US debt to China/ is: NONE.