His royal majesty, King Citgo Chavez, issued a warning to his Venezuelan subjects (via his newly scheduled prime-time TV talk show that airs on the recently commandeered government owned and operated television station) that the U.S. government, out of frustration over the failure of several assassination plots against him, was now planning to sabotage the oil-producing country’s economy. King Chavez, predicted that “one of the fiercest battle fronts” was coming ahead as Washington readied to destroy Venezuela economically.

According to the prophetic potentate, comments made by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice accusing Chavez of “destroying” his country’s economy meant that “the imperialist plan of the moment” had turned to economic sabotage. “That’s one of the plans. The other is assassination,” he said, reiterating past claims that the U.S. government is plotting to kill him. “We’ve neutralized various attempts, and I have faith we will continue neutralizing them. But they won’t rest.”

The delusional dictator claims that recent urgings by President Bush for America to reduce its oil dependency on unfriendly nations, including Venezuela, meant that Venezuela was already on “the drawing table” and Washington was laying its plans.

Like it or not, the U.S. is the No. 1 market for crude oil from Venezuela. So while Chavez is busy blowing smoke up the shorts or his loyal subjects, he’s lighting the fire with good old U.S. greenbacks. In other words, it is our money paying for Chavez’s propaganda machine that he uses to poison the minds of the Venezuelan people. Now if that’s not pure madness, I don’t know what is.