The new guidelines by Health Preventative Services Task Force will probably affect first the recipients of government health care if Medicaid stops reimbursements for mammograms for women under 50. Right now mammograms are covered in the Medicaid program.

Prior to 1997, the general consensus among medical professionals was that women younger than 50 did not need screening mammograms. However the American Cancer Society and the National Cancer Institute publicized new recommendations in March 1997 that said women between the ages of 40 and 49 should receive screening mammograms every year.

For two administrations in the White House, both First Ladies Hillary Clinton and Laura Bush promoted the early detection of the breast cancer in the countries of the Middle East where women often are not allowed to visit a doctor, because of religious believes that condemn their bodies to be seen from anybody else but their husbands. Obama Administration’s health panel just took the women health care decade backward, not only in America, but all over the world. After years of encouraging wellness, America moves back into turning a blind eye to the prevention of breast cancer.

Women paid attention and took notice of what doctors said in 1997, according to study performed in Yale University. Lisa Calvocoressi, Ph.D., and her team found that the percentage of women in their 40s who believed an annual screening mammogram is a good idea increased from 49 to 64 percent in just two short years. Further, 32 percent of women in the 40 to 49 age group who did not originally endorse annual screening changed their opinion and supported it in follow-up interviews. Women started wearing pink ribbons for breast cancer awareness. Even the NFL players put some pink to support the cause.
And now the government science tell us : never mind. The screening often gives false results and the mammograms are unnecessary. What about those who get the true results? The earlier they learn it – the better is there chance to live through it.

In his speeches the President always talks how we should be a positive example for the world. Looks like the new era in the US health care will be a sad example how to cut care instead of costs. Welcome to the culture of government panels rationing health care.