Mexican legislators have their panties in a twist because of some photos and video that allegedly shows U.S. workers and equipment crossing about 10 yards into Mexico on Monday. Apparently a work crew erecting U.S. border fence between Douglas, Ariz., and the Mexican border city of Agua Prieta, veered off course a bit earlier in the week according to U.S. Ambassador Tony Garza said.

In an effort to appease our amigos to the south, U.S. and Mexican officials are planning visit the site to ascertain what happened. Garza released a written statement Thursday saying “The U.S. is sensitive to Mexican concerns,” and “has the deepest respect for the integrity of the sovereignty of Mexican soil.” Blah, blah, blah!!!

This little 100 ft. dispute stems from the fact that a lot of Mexicans consider the border fences an insult, and their government is simply using the press to anger the Mexican citizens and create a sense of international outrage. For good effect the Mexican government has also released some photographs of U.S. Secretary for Homeland Security Michael Chertoff welding a section of border fence on Tuesday at another site on the Arizona border, just after he had visited Mexico.

On Wednesday, the soon to be former Mexican Foreign Relations Secretary Patricia Espinosa was berated by some Mexican legislators over the issue during an appearance before the Mexican Congress. “I ask you, is the Mexican government now complacent, negligent, apathetic, unaware or does it not watch over our nation’s territory?” said congressman Samuel Aguilar during the hearing.

Let me ask you a thing or three Mr. Mexican congressman! Should the American government now complacent, negligent, apathetic, unaware or not watch over who illegally crosses into our country from Mexico? What about the drug smugglers and murderous thugs that prey on our people? What about those people in your own government that encourage your citizens to pay no attention to the sovereignty of American?