I’m not one that usually gives a rip about the personal lives (or deaths) of celebrities. With that said, I was somewhat interested in the Anna Nicole Smith court case, and admittedly, for all the wrong reasons.

While the people that loved her most were battling it out in the courtroom, her body was decomposing in the morgue. I couldn’t help but wonder what was going on. James Brown has been in storage since Christmas, and I’ve not heard anyone say that he was rotting away yet. Maybe they should have consulted soul brother number one’s mortician at some point prior to the beginning of actual decomposition.

The cast of characters involved in the case was kind of interesting too. Smith’s mother, whom I understand wasn’t what most people would consider close to her daughter is hell bent on having Anna’s body returned to Texas. I guess she could bury her daughter in the backyard and charge fans a few bucks to view the grave. Kind of like the way the folks at Graceland do with Elvis’s grave, but a white trashier version I’m sure.

Then there’s the unemployed lawyer/boyfriend/partner/leach that is determined to see that Anna be planted in the Bahamas, all of the guys that claim to be Anna’s baby’s daddy, and all the other mooches that have added to the confusion in this case, which was more of a circus than a legal proceeding anyway. If Anna intended to take any secretes to her grave with her, its highly unlikely that she’ll be able to by the time that this mess is straightened out. As if this isn’t enough chaos to satisfy the curious, the judge in this case is the ringmaster in this judicial circus.

By all accounts, Florida circuit court Judge Larry Seidlin went far beyond the occasional and sometimes appropriate one liners and quick witted zingers that some judges are known for, and rarely passed up an opportunity to make a comical remark or add a little personal commentary. During the week-long hearing, Seidlin made the highlight reels by doing such things as telling a peroxide blonde lawyer that she was beautiful, he took several cell phone calls from his wife, and even shared his morning exercise routine with the courtroom and the cameras.

At one point, while referring to a dress that was being made for Smith’s burial, Seidlin expressed his general discomfort over funeral details saying, “This is the one area I always ran away from — the death.? I found that attitude a bit strange for a probate judge, but things really got a little weird when Judge Seidlin broke into tears while reading his decision in the Anna Nicole Smith court hearing. See for yourself.

Judge Makes Ruling in Anna Nicole Smiths Case

As per McCains request that someone do a side by side comparison of the judge and the Fonz, here it is. I never would have thought of this on my own, but the simularities are quite obvious. All I can say is “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

the judge and the fonz