Oh big hooha that Hillary and Barack are battling. Kind of. Sort of. Why are people even watching? No matter what side of the aisle you’re on.

Has anyone looked at this lately? All the dates are in 2008. I don’t care what everyone is saying about the need for speed when it comes to getting money, getting backers, getting legions behind you. It’s sucking up our time and money and attention and we normal folk are getting caught up in all this as a mere distraction to all the other craziness going on, inside and outside our country.

We need to get a grip – of our money, our time, our priorities and our value to each and everyone of those candidates. They should be WORKING. In their JOBS. Not campaigning.

I don’t give a fig about Carson City, Nevada hosting Democrats, or Mitt Romney announcing in Michigan while he fends off John McCain (not to be confused with the dashing McCain we have here).

What have these people done for me LATELY? Squat. Every single one of them. They are out there for themselves while telling us that they’re out there for us.

If they think that they are out there for me, then they are even more out of touch with my interests than I’ve previously attributed to them. And not a single one currently has earned my vote, or my money. Or, let’s face it – the most powerful thing I have: my voice in the cacophony of the blogosphere.